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Diane Michele Wade was born December 31, 1976 and killed instantly on May 20, 2004 when an irresponsible woman driver crossed the centerline 



Faith, Family, and Friends
Dedicated to beloved angels around the world

Always remember to extend a caring hand
To the grieving loved ones around our land
Take time to cry, laugh, or reminisce with them
And realize they will forever need a true friend

Angels' time on earth, whether short or long
Yesterday's treasured memories to us belong
After they have gone to their heavenly homes
Our hearts beat as one, until our time comes

God will continuously provide for you
Spiritual, physical, and emotional too
Strength from faith, family, and friends
Provides peace and comfort until the end

The wonderful gifts the good Lord gives
Sharing the lives our beloved angels lived
Counting our precious blessings is easy to do
When prayers to God, end with "Thank You"

Copyright ©2005 Diane Craddock

Angels Arms poem presented at
First Annual Celebration of Life held on December 31, 2005

My dearest darling Michele,
Your four babies are growing up fast and they miss their mother very much. Michael will be eleven years old next month and in the fifth grade; Morgan is fourteen and a freshman in high school; Trent is sixteen and a junior in high school; and Jeremy is nineteen and living in his own place about ten miles from me. I get them all together as often as possible.
Love, Mom
March 2, 2012

Celebration of Life Announcement

Diane Craddock established two Angels' Arms Scholarships 
(in memory of her children, Michele Wade and J.J. Wade)
at Paul D. Camp Community College, will be awarded yearly for the fall semester. 
Tax-deductible donations to fund the scholarships can be made payable to:
Paul D. Camp Community College and mailed to:
Dr. Patsy Joyner, PDCCC, P.O. Box 737, Franklin, VA 23851.

Dr. Patsy R. Joyner, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Paul D. Camp Community College  100 North College Drive Franklin, VA 23851
757-569-6791 FAX: 757-569-6795 

First scholarships were awarded July 2006!!!!
Cindy Clements, Carrsville VA, won Michele 's scholarship
Elizabeth Ongor, Smithfield VA, won JJ's scholarship

Second scholarships were awarded July 2007!!!!
Stephanie Gray, Boykins VA, won Michele 's scholarship
Jamie Cotton, Franklin VA, won JJ's scholarship

Third scholarships were awarded July 2008!!!!
Cynthia Patrick, Zuni VA, won Michele 's scholarship 
Felicia Robinson, Rescue VA, won JJ's scholarship

Thank you for visiting Michele and JJ's websites!

website created by her children

KILLED BY AN IRRESPONSIBLE WOMAN DRIVER that had been involved in seven crashes before killing Michele and a minimum of one since!!!!

Website of JJ and Michele's three cousins (two sisters and one brother)....Lynn Wade killed in single car accident on 3/19/06; Sheila Wade killed in car crash caused by drunk driver on 6/3/06; and Benjamin Wade, Jr. died on 3/2/08 from allergic reaction to medication.  


On May 20, 2004...Michele was killed instantly in a car crash and Michael (her youngest son...3 at the time) was severely injured when an irresponsible driver crossed the centerline. This 36 year old woman had been involved in numerous crashes before she killed Michele and another one in December 2004.

Michele  is the loving mother of; Jeremy--19, Trent--16, Morgan--14, and Michael--10 (ages as of 3/2/12).  She was successful in obtaining her GED, was working fulltime, and going to college at the same time. Michele had a 4.0 grade point average and was the student ambassador for the college when she stopped at the sixth month of pregnancy with Michael.  She was in the process of returning to college, to complete her degree, a few days after her death.  She loved doing things with her children and helping take care of her brother's two sons (Brandon--11 and Jamie--10...ages on 1/26/04) because JJ died 1/26/04....his site is listed below.

           "Death leaves a heartache time can not heal....
              ...Love leaves a memory no one can steal."
We will remember her beautiful smiling face forever. Faith, family, and friends are the strengths the good Lord has continously provided for me to survive.

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Tributes and Condolences
40th Birthday   / Diane Craddock (Mother)
It has been 12 1/2 years since you went home to your heavenly Father ~ we love and miss you very much! Watch over your loved ones left behind ... update on your children: Jeremy is 24 ~ he's living with me right now; Trent is 21 ~ he recently bought ...  Continue >>
O_O  / Gelato Benne (stranger)
love u
Thinking of you   / Diane Craddock (Mother)
My dearest Michele....almost 9 years since you were killed. Sometimes it seems like forever and other times it seems like yesterday. ...we all miss you tremendously! Anyone that makes statements like "it's been 9 years...get over it" obviously have N...  Continue >>
Missing you   / Diane Craddock (Mother)
Dearest Michele it has been too long since I posted a message on your website. I have lit numerous candles but that isn't like a long heartfelt message. A lot of events have occurred since my last message. Your 35th birthday was o...  Continue >>
HAPPY 33RD BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!!!   / Diane Craddock (Mom)
All four of your children were here for your birthday. I took Jeremy and Trent home at 10:30 pm. Dorothy James and Carol came over at 6 pm and we all enjoyed New Years Eve supper together. We went to each other's house during the Christmas season to ...  Continue >>
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